Second Storybook Home

This Prairie classic was the second house on the block when built in 1908, and it seems there’s a story behind every doorway and window, every frame and fixture, and each of the three fireplaces. At one time, these gracious 3,500 square feet were shared among as many as 18 boarders. A few walls have been moved and the failed foundation has been expertly renovated since those days.

Period lights and fans adorn the ceilings, as does a Czechoslovakian chandelier that once brightened a room in the Wilson house on Swiss Avenue. (There’s a story behind that, too.) The homeowners renovated the kitchen themselves; be sure to investigate the baker’s rack, with its collection of copper pots from when the homeowners lived or visited Iran, Panama, Greece, Puerto Rico, and elsewhere. The kitchen pantry and butler’s pantry share an unusual high window that allows natural light into both.

The original and varied hardwood floors can be admired during the Wine Walk; they’re usually somewhat covered – in deference to three giant Leonberger dogs in residence. Although the dogs are most often the stars of the show now, the home frequently hosts human talent, as well. The homeowners figure that 80 or 90 commercials, TV shows, or movies have been shot at this address.