4919 Tremont Street

When stepping up to this 1920 home, visitors are given a choice of front-entry doors. Those options, along with the two distinct address numbers handsomely etched into the glass of two transom windows, are clear evidence that this single-family residence was once a house divided. It was, in fact, a four-plex as recently as 2013. Given the bright spaces and easy flow of the house, it may be hard to imagine it as four separate compartments. It can be a fun guessing game trying to deduce the likely layout of the former floor plan.

Coffered ceilings and an inviting brick fireplace are key features in the living room. Beyond the dining room, counter space abounds in a galley kitchen that spans nearly the width of the house. Two downstairs bathrooms offer a study in contrast – one is spacious and modern, while classic elements like beaded board and a clawfoot tub are found in the other. In the TV room, the current homeowners added a wall of customized, built-in shelving, replacing a set of racks for (now-passé) CDs.

Other custom woodwork appears upstairs in a built-in bunkbed in the boy’s bedroom. Not to be outdone, the girl’s bedroom is graced by both balcony and fireplace. The master suite includes a recently remodeled bathroom, a walk-through dressing room, and an office space that now serves as a corner retreat and yoga nook.